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 A native of Lake Forest California, I grew up in an idyllic home. 

My father, a trial attorney, was smart, kind, powerful, and loving. 

My mother, however, was the real superstar in the family. She raised 5 natural children, a Vietnamese refugee, and two struggling teenagers that we took in and raised. 

While I was home schooled for 1st grade, the remainder of my K-12 education was at terrific public schools. 

After high school I attended Brigham Young University where I studied Political Science and Religious Studies. I also played 3 season for the BYU Baseball team.





 I was blessed to marry Deidra Anderson in 2002. 

We spent the first several years living in La Jolla, CA, before relocating to Utah in 2008.

Since 2008, Utah has been our home, with short detours to Washington, D.C., and Toronto, Canada.

In 2011, through the grace of God and the courage of birth parents, we welcomed our son, Roman.

When I'm not working you can find me on the golf course, playing hockey, or going on bike rides with Roman and Deidra.


Political History

Political History


 Although I always planned on taking over my father's law practice, I decided instead to go into the business world. 

I have spent the majority of my career in Sales and Sales Leadership in the consumer finance, consumer products, and software industries.

I have produced just over $1 billion in new sales, and lead over 1,000 employees.

I currently serve as Sr. Vice President of Sales at Frontpoint. I also advise software start-ups in Utah's Silicon Slopes.

Additionally, I am a frequent contributor on LinkedIn, with my writings read by over 200 million members.


Political History

Political History

Political History


 I was  raised in a conservative Republican home, and taught from an early age about the Constitution And classical liberalism.   

For the first decade of my voting life, I voted pure Republican. However, I became disillusioned by unjust wars, civil rights violations, and runaway spending. 

I left the Republican Party years ago and registered as a Democrat.   

I have voted across party lines since then. 

I now focus more on guiding principles than parties. 

- Limited, but powerful and efficient government

- Fierce protection of civil rights

- Constitutional allegiance

I'll be honest --- there was a time in my life when I held some pretty terrible views. I was far from an advocate for "the other."  I feel lucky that, through growth and experience, I've rid myself of archaic, even damaging beliefs. 

As Governor, I pledge to do everything in my power to protect and promote true equal rights for all of God's children.