A United Party is a Strong Party

Friends - 

I had the chance to meet with Chris Peterson last night. We talked for hours about our individual reasons for entering the gubernatorial race. It turns out, our individual reasons are remarkably similar.

We both care deeply about equality for all Utahns and about meaningful investments in the education and welfare of our children. We care about consumer protections for all Utahns, but especially our most vulnerable, and we care about protecting Utah's environment. We care about meaningful criminal justice reform and we care about an economy which works for all Utahns, and not just special interests. 

In short, we care about Utah. 

I walked away from the meeting convinced that Chris is the ideal candidate to represent the Democratic Party in this year's election. 

He has the vision, organization, and resources to win. He is a genuinely good man. 

We also discussed the current political and social climate. Between the need to fight runaway special interests, heartless Republican bills which attack women and children, and the need to operate in a COVID-19 environment, it became clear that a unified Democratic Party was a strong Democratic Party. 

It is because of this that I am happy to forego my official candidacy and wholeheartedly endorse Chris Peterson as the Democratic Party candidate for Utah Governor.

I have also committed to help Chris in any way, and I intend to be actively involved in helping him carry his vision -- one in which I sincerely believe -- to all of Utah.

Thank you for all of your time and support. It has been truly gratifying to meet you, hear your stories, and learn what matters to you. I pray I'll be able to advance your interests in my support of Chris's campaign.

With gratitude,

Mark A. Smith

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